We aRe oNe

LEGO Robotics from Northern Germany

What is We aRe oNe ?

We aRe oNe is a group of LEGO enthusiastic young people from the area of Schwarzenbek, in the North of Germany, who participate with two teams ("Junior" and "Senior") in the annual FIRST LEGO League.
We build and program robots that are designed to solve the diverse tasks of the global tournament.

unsere Teams

In addition to our black and green team clothing, our loud battle cry is particularly well known as a distinguishing feature at local and regional competitions. We rely on mixed-age teams that learn from and with each other. Several coaches and a network of supporters take over the training units.


In contrast to many other teams, we are not a school corporation but rather organized like a sports team.

open for everyone

Children between the ages of 10 and 16 from Schwarzenbek and the surrounding area interested in technology are welcome.

Our equipment & robots

Primarily financed by donations and with considerable personal contributions, we have continually expanded our equipment over the past years. With around 40,000 LEGO elements and a dozen robots, we have created optimal learning and training conditions.

Our robots have to:

  • detect obstacles
  • find & follow lines
  • be able to recognise colours
  • pick up and deliver items
  • solve many more tasks

the tournaments

organisation of the tournaments

The FIRST LEGO League, abbreviated FLL, is a worldwide educational programme initiated by an American foundation First, LEGO and other sponsors. It aims to provide access to science and technology for children and young people aged 10 and 16. The annual highlight of the programme is a competition organised at local, regional and national level, where teams demonstrate their LEGO Mindstorms robots developed in the weeks before and have them evaluated by a jury. In Central Europe, the competition is held under the patronage of the non-profit association Hands on Technology.


The teams are evaluated in different categories which include not only the construction and programming of the robots, but also the general occupation with the respective annual topic and their cooperation as a team:

Robot Game

On a billiard table-sized plate, our robot has to solve as many different tasks autonomously as possible in 2:30 minutes.

Robot Design

How elegantly are the robot's hardware and software implemented? A jury has the robot and the programming explained to them.


Each team must prepare a short presentation on the theme of the year and present it to a jury.


The team must solve an unknown (LEGO) task together. Without teamwork nobody has a chance here.

our achievements

Since the founding of the team in 2009, we have continuously developed and have been able to participate in numerous competitions.
We now rank among the top teams in Germany and Central Europe.








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participate & support

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We aRe oNe would not be possible without our wonderful supporters, because unfortunately material and travel are not for free. Do you want to be part of it? Contact us or donate directly!

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